Atom Bombs Week 9 2013

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Week 9 already? Holy crap! With only 5 weeks left until the playoffs it’s getting real folks. Is that what the kids are still saying today? Oh well. If these are the same kids that are making Miley Cyrus a celebrity then I really don’t care. Anyways it’s bananas that we are nearing the bottom third of the season. So here we go, it’s time to see who can hold on and make a run, and who will be looking towards next year. In the spirit of the holiday I figured I’d take a close to mid season look at who on each team has been a trick or a treat. Quick interesting stat: Sept. 30th 2012. Does the LOD remember this date? He should. As a season ticket holder this was the last time that his Eagles won a football game at home. Ugh.

Also, have to agree with Joe Bryant at Football Guys. I loved the play that Stafford did to win the game against the Cowboys, but

Should there be something in place where the “spike the ball to kill the clock” signal from a QB is sort of like a punt returner calling for a fair catch? When the QB is going to spike the ball, the defense has an unwritten agreement to let them do it.

Think about it this way. What if Matt Stafford had taken the snap to spike the ball and Sean Lee had leaped over the center and hit Stafford? Or if the defensive linemen had fired out into the offensive line. It would have been a Greg Schiano like deal with everyone howling.

But faking the “spike the ball to kill the clock’ signal which puts the defense on hold and then running a play seems like an unfair advantage. Just a thought.

OK, to the picks!


LOD vs Blitzers– LOD Trick: Tough with this one as the LOD are 6-2. But I will say DeMarco Murray. A third rd pick I think he expected more out of him. Potential to be on this list at the end of the year: Dez Bryant. TO 2.0’s blowups on the sideline will only go so far. If you try try to show up your QB and coach on the sidelines, you may not get the targets like you used to. I know he is saying now that is was all positive, but body language and having the most respected player on your team (Witten) yelling back at you say otherwise. Grow up. Treat: Peyton. Easy one. Sure he has slowed down but there had to be some regression with the way he started. Blitzers trick: I’m going with Spiller. A consensus top 5-7 pick going into the year, CJ has 1 TD and less than 400 total yards. Treat: Frank Gore. Think about this- he is 1 point behind AP. (and yes I know that the Vikings have had their bye and the Niners are this week. Still impressive) I’m not getting to cute with this as it’s #1 vs #10. Pick LOD. LOTW

Warriors vs Dillos– Warriors Trick: We have our first tie! Ray Rice and MJD. In the beginning of the year I was down on MJD despite the name value. Just looked slow to me and 391 yards rushing have backed that up. Rice I do expect to get a bit better, but still for 2 very early rd picks they have really hampered the Warriors chances to Three Peat. Treat: Eddie Lacy. I won’t say much more as I can’t stand him for what he did to my ND team in the NCG. So that’s that. Dillos Trick: Doug Martin. Even before he got hurt he was waaay underperforming. Not sure whose keeper has hurt their team more to start the year Spiller or Martin? Very close second: Steven Jackson. He has yet to eclipse 100 yards rushing. And it’s week 9. And he’s a RB. Just Sayin’. Treat: Another tie! Charles despite the Dillos being upset with having to take him in the first (still confused by that) and Decker. Yep a Caucasian WR made the list and it wasn’t Welker! I just see this one being an ugly matchup so in this war of attrition- Pick Dillos. Upset Special.

SPV vs Phinest– Tough really to say that Jimmy has a trick or a treat since he didn’t make the draft. So I won’t go into it too much for him. Trick for the SPV: Larry Fitz. Treat: I will give him credit for his keeper here since he did select him. Reggie Bush. Trick for Phinest: Any RB on his squad. McFadden, Miller, Ball, Darryl Richardson. All taken in rounds 2-7. None of them have more than 75 points for the year. Treat: Waiver pickups. Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones, Kenny Stills all have improved the Phinest. Tough break for the Phinest as he finally decided to start the red hot ginger QB Dalton (see that there?) and he decided to have a really subpar game on Thursday night. But he does catch Jimmy on his toughest bye week losing the aforementioned Bush, CK7, Demaryius. That leads him to start Jonathan Stewart. Despite that,  Pick SPV .

Atoms vs Eagles– Tick for the Atoms: the top 2 WR’s drafted by this team. Bowe and Amendola. Brutal. Treat: Trades. Julius Thomas, My ND boy Michael Floyd and this guy- . Oh, also Moreno. Yessir. Trick for the Eagles: Trent Richardson. Now that I look at this you can lump him in to the underwhelming keeper lot. Would have been too easy to pile on to Nick about his unrequited SupaFelon love again here. So I won’t. Treat: Megatron. I mean seriously. How good was last week’s performance? There were 26 teams that played last week and Calvin had more yards than 16 of them! Jebus. Both defenses could be huge this week as Seattle gets the Bucs and KC gets Jeff Thule. Yahoo picked the Eagles to have the best team, how can I go against their preseason pick? You know it- pick Eagles

Game of the Week

Topes vs Pornos– Trick for the Topes: Foster. The Topes traded up to snag Arian who, when healthy is a straight beast. The issue has been him staying on the field. This week again he may not play. Treat for the Topes: LeVeon Bell acquired via trade looks to be a very solid play week to week. Pornos Trick: Brady. I hate even writing that because he is so dreamy. But Brady has really been tough to play each week. Only 2 TD passes in the past 4 games. Dude, Geno Smith has out pointed Brady so far. Treat: Caucasian WR alert again! Welker and Jordy have both been stellar for the Eye-talian team. This one could be close as well, but with Foster potentially out, and the Pornos getting Denarius vs the Eagles, I have to say- Pick Pornos.

As always good luck gang. Good W for the Irish this week as they needed a 4th down stand to overtake Navy. I always have a hard time rooting against any of the military schools as what they are there for is so much greater than football. I thank them for their service to our nation but you know I root for ND!


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