Atom Bombs 2013 Week 10

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, sports

Four weeks to go in the regular season kids. And it’s RIVALRY WEEK!!!! Wait, not 1 of these matchups could even remotely be considered a rivalry at all. I mean seriously. This is a bad job by the commish. Brutal. But let’s move passed this and hope that he doesn’t repeat it next year. With only 4 weeks left and 9 of the 10 teams still with playoff aspirations it is the closest race that I can remember. So I thought it may be neat to see who has who left on their schedules.

LOD- Dillos, Phinest, Warriors, SPV

Eagles- Topes, Blitzers, Dillos, Phinest

SPV- Atoms, Warriors, Topes, LOD

Pornos- Blitzers, Dillos, Phinest, Warriors

Topes- Eagles, Atoms, SPV, Blitzers

Dillos- LOD, Pornos, Eagles, Atoms

Warriors- Phinest, SPV, LOD, Pornos

Atoms- SPV, Topes, Blitzers, Dillos

In all honesty I wanted to breakdown the matchups going forward, but I simply did have time. Maybe I will try to do that for the last week or 2. Plus I’m watching a terrible game by Tommy Rees right now, and really just not in the effing mood. Sorry, tangent.

Interesting stat #1- Here are some W-L records from their last 35 starts: Tom Brady 27-8; Peyton Manning 25-10; Aaron Rodgers 25-10. You know who has a better record? Alex Smith 28-6-1.

Interesting stat #2- It took 44 years for another QB to throw for 7 TD passes in a game when Peyton did it. Foles then did it in under 60 days.

OK, it’s about midnight now and ND has blown the game- I can’t wait until next year and Rees has graduated. So let’s get to the picks…


Atoms vs SPV– A lot of good matchups on both sides here especially on the SPV side. I am gonna need some big games to keep up and possibly steal a W here. Pick SPV, but not to repeat it by 100.

LOD vs Dillos– Well it certainly helps to get 36.6 out of the Thursday game! Good Lawd the LOD were projected at 130+! Let’s not get too cute-Pick LOD

Topes vs Eagles– The Topes got a good start with RGIII, but losing Foster this will could hurt. Scary that the #2 team in the league is resorting to starting Eli. That’s what happens when Rodgers goes down and you put too much faith in Vick. I just see the loss of Foster being too much here Upset Special- Pick Eagles

Blitzers vs Pornos– Not many players could get 2 TD’s from a guy and still have him barely exceed projections. But that can happen with AP. On the other side, the Pornos are all in on Foles! OK well, Pick Pornos


Warriors vs Phinest– Some very smart pickups paying off for the Phinest now. Allen, Stacy, and Reed may sound like the law firm that is representing the state of PA against Gar to deport him to the local Old Country Buffet but they have really been helping to get him back in the race. And here you go- Pick Phinest

Sorry for the brevity here, but again, I am effing annoyed at the ND game. So there. Good luck.


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