Atom Bombs Week 12 2013

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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So this post almost didn’t happen. Admittedly the apathy in our league got me down last week. I have written and rewritten this post twice now. The first few times were kind of a downer to be honest. The short version? The Atom Bombs may be retiring at the end of the year. So that I will need to think about but for now, I will get back to post at hand.

With this being the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination I thought this article was pretty interesting. How the franchise could have been shaped differently… .

Something else that caught my eye was on the Thursday Night game. Did you realize there is a Cameron Jordan and a Jordan Cameron in the league?

Ray Lewis recently said he would pay for half of the fine on that hit on Drew Brees. Ay yo Ray, you have 6 kids with 4 different women. I know you’re not hurting financially but maybe that’s not the smartest thing to do with your cash?

Props to my man Sean McDermott. Former Eagles DC and former teammate of mine he has the Panthers D rolling. How rolling? Well they have allowed 100 yard games only once to a RB and once to a WR all year. And that was week 2. Well done my man.

Also it looks like the Ravens have found their running game D groove again. The Ray Lewis-less team has allowed only 1 rushing TD (Lacy) and 1 100 yard runner (Fred Jackson) this year. Quietly doing very well.

Neat college stat: The Florida Gators lost yesterday to Georgia… Southern. In Gainesville. WITHOUT COMPLETING A SINGLE PASS! That’s right, 0-3 passing and beat the Gators at home. WOW.

Ok, onto the picks…

LOD vs Warriors– So far so good for the Warriors as their 2 Thursday players both exceeded projections. While the LOD went 50/50. TY Hilton could struggle if Peterson is on him all game. Dez Bryant looks like he got some PR advice after his blowup as he recently bought a bunch of PS4’s for people in line with him at a Dallas Walmart. Most stunning part of this to me? DEZ BRYANT SHOPS AT WALMART.  LOTW Pick LOD

Atoms vs Blitzers– Atoms may have dodged some bullets here as the 3 Saints he had all underperformed. Had to make a last second roster move at TE with Julius Thomas being a GTD and not playing until 8:30 tonight. As always Pick Blitzers

Eagles vs Dillos– Tough luck for the Dillos or just plain fell asleep as Sproles was inactive before the game. See what I mean about your league here Gar? SMDH. Romo vs Eli could be interesting with the wind we have here in the NE. I don’t expect this one to be close. Pick Eagles

Topes vs SPV– Surprised that Jimmy is sitting CK7 against a bad Redskins D. Or am I??? Cameron needs to get back to what he was in the beginning to help Bob out. Only getting half the proj points from a worn down Tony Gonzalez sure hurts my Upset Special Pick SPV


Pornos vs Phinest– Big Bubble Bonanza! Alliteration Abounds! With both teams at 6-5 this game could loom huge. Welker’s head is an issue this week. Maybe he needs some old spice? LOVE LOVE LOVE  Zac Stacy this week. He may be the #1 RB. The Bears made Brandon Jacobs look like AP. Pick Phinest

Good luck, and good job by Malko on his post!


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