Atom Bombs 2013 Week 14 Playoff edition

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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And here we are. Playoffs.    Yes Coach Mora, playoffs. Ten teams began this season with hopes of a championship. Six remain in the hunt. This week we have only 2 games as the losers bracket does not start until next week. Let’s take a look at how the six got here.

Six seed Phinest- the last one to make it in, the Phinest got in by volume. Maxing out their allotted moves before week 13 Andrew clearly did what he had to in order to sneak in. The question here is does that put him at a disadvantage in case of injury? Possibly. Some of those moves may prove to be very good though especially the Rainey one. Since he gets the porous Bills D this week it may payoff. Great job staying on top of waiver pickups my man.

Fifth seed Warriors- the Warriors much like the Phinest could have packed it in after some early season struggles but stayed persistent and got in. (side note, both the bottom 2 seeds were outscored by the Dillos by 240 points- but he didn’t make it in. Love fantasy sports. Actually the 8th and 9th place teams both outscored them as well. OK, I’m gonna stop before I piss myself off…) So how did Dave get in? Well the Warriors won 5 out of their final 6 games. THAT kids is how to close. Dave can have coffee. (Glengarry Glen Ross quote, sorry. Actually I’m not. If you haven’t seen the movie here is what I am referencing: . And a longer version with the epic Alec Baldwin speech: . Awesome.) Ok, I went off on a tangent there. So, how will Dave fare in the playoffs? As far as his RB’s will take him.

Fourth seed Topes- unlike the Warriors, the Topes have found a bit of luck by only going .500 over the past 6 games to get in. That being said, if Bob can shore up his flex spot this could be a very dangerous team. The Topes were able to overcome the loss of the #2 pick and still could be a major factor which is a testament to playing out the season. With Stafford, Marshall, Andre, Forte, and Le’Veon this is a good, balanced team.

Third seed Eagles- The odds on favorite to win by Yahoo after the draft, the Eagles got here by overcoming adversity. Nick’s draft was so good I think they had him going like 23-1 despite there only being 16 games in the season so you figure it out. Another great closer, Nick has gone 7-2 over the past 9 this time. WOW. This is even more impressive when you figure he lost Julio, Rodgers, and his unrequited love SupaFelon Vick to injuries, Blackmon to stupidity, Gronk in the beginning of the year and Richardson to ineffectiveness. Jebus, that is pretty damn good now that I look at that again. Like the Topes another great job of playing it out kids.

Second seed LOD- the LOD  started the year going 4-1 but it’s the end of the year that is making their bye week so important. Three straight losses have the LOD limping into the postseason. The talent is there, but matchups could loom huge. As I said to him and it needs to be said to everyone. There is no reason you shouldn’t be bolstering up your team if you have a legit shot to win it all. I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say that the lack of deadline deals will play a huge role for at least 1 contender. Guys need to have more foresight.

Top seed SPV- Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy… First this needs to be said: congrats my man on the #1 seed! How did he get here? Well it helps that he got out of his own way at the draft and we just did it for him. However, with only 9 moves made all year how active has he been and how much was just the league being good guys and not screwing him over? And incidentally, not even a league wide Thank you post? Gar, this falls on you. Come on Jimmy, we handed you a gift wrapped quality squad. We hoped for something there. But, you still had to set your lineup each week and to start the season that went great going 7-1 including a decimation of yours truly in week 1. Unfortunately like the LOD Jimmy struggled at the end of the year going 3-3. We will have to see how the next 3 weeks go for the youngster. (aside from this first bye of course)

OK, let’s get to the 2 games this week then shall we?


Warriors vs Topes– I will say that I did expect both of their Thursday players to do well as they each faced bad defenses. It’s the rest that will be interesting. For the Topes will the possible snowstorm affect Stafford’s game? He has been incredible all year except for that one bad game against the Bucs. What I am most looking forward to is the Monday Night matchup. The Topes have Marshall, but Dave counters by starting McCown. Interesting. For the Warriors it could be Rice that makes or breaks him. He has been a disappointment this year to say the least. Minnesota hasn’t been great. Actually that is being too kind. They have been brutal giving up an avg of 24.58 ppg to RB’s this year. If he underperforms Dave could be out early. Pick Topes.

Eagles vs Phinest– True to his word, and his outright refusal to Malko himself, Nick is benching Megatron. Despite the fact that he may get 250/3 against the Eagles! But as it only can happen for Nick the weather is supposed to be pretty bad in Philly tomorrow so it may actually all work out. Somehow both of their respective Thursday players underwhelmed to keep it close. Awwww. Honestly I think that this one could come down to Zac Stacy for the Phinest. The Cards D is no joke as Shady McCoy found out last week. That could be trouble. Sneaky play idea? I love the pickup of Jared Cook for the Eagles. I’d play him over Nicks in the flex. The one real weakness in the Cards is at TE. Ok, pick- Eagles. I really want to see an Eagles vs LOD Semi Final. Maybe there could even be some trash talk!

Good luck guys, and wish me luck in the Waxie Dargle league that I’m in with the Dillos and Eagles. I’ve won 12 straight and averaging 130.92 ppg. With the only loss week 1. Of course I made the playoffs in the other 3 leagues I’m in but the one I want to the most is this one and it didn’t happen. Enjoy the run gang!


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