2013 Atom Bombs Week 15

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Fantasy Football, Football, humor, sports
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Playoff post part deux. The revenge of the playoff post. Etc etc. 1 more game for the contenders before next week’s super bowl game. This is why you lift all them weights! Or for the LOD- This is why you eat all them chicken fried steaks! Or if you are the SPV- This is why you let other people draft all your teams! Gar your league is losing interest as the season wears down as evidenced by at least 2 teams starting guys that are out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Get on top of this. Well, to recap The Phoenix Eagles went against what he has preached for years and it cost him a shot at a title. But did it cost more than that? Maybe it did. Maybe it cost all of us our faith in humanity. Maybe it cost all of us our wide eyed optimism. Maybe it cost all of us our hearts. Or maybe it didn’t. Who knows. But what The Eagles did last week made absolutely no sense on any level. Sure, benching Megatron is tough to do in any instance. But for one that has been so devout and steadfast in their beliefs in not starting any player- no matter how good they are- against his beloved Eagles last week, in a blizzard (as it was even said here in the week 14 post) that was the perfect scenario to back up what you stand for. Imagine if it was me for example. My dislike of a certain ex con QB has been well documented. I have taken the moral high ground ever since he came back and did not waiver even during his incredible 8 game stretch a few years ago. I held in there and was proven to be 100% correct about SupaFelon. But think for a minute if it were the playoffs, and for a change Vick was actually healthy, and somehow became an accurate QB. Then think how hypocritical I would have been if I would have started him in a playoff game. You guys would have skewered me. But as the apathy in this league keeps seeping in, there wasn’t as much talk about it as there should have been. Oh well. As the great Mr. Leslie Chow once opined… “Not …my…prahlem”. And yes, Nick had asked to be taken to task on this, so I did.


Losers Bracket:

Dillos vs Blitzers– Of course Eric Decker has 2 catches for 42 yards and not 4 TD’s like when he played against me. Of course. Good job by the Dillos for at the least starting a team where no one is already out. Can’t say them say for the Blitzers. Or the Pornos in the next matchup. Meh. Pick Dillos.

Atoms vs Pornos– Yep, even in my own matchup tough to get up for this. Had a ton of guys going on Thursday, None of our players even met expectations. Microcosm of 2 teams seasons folks. Double Meh. Pick Pornos.

Fifth/ Sixth place game:

Former Champ Warriors vs Former Guy that stuck to his morals and character Eagles– And another case of this league having lost it’s juice is that Gronk is in a lineup. Perhaps the Malko even reached his ACL last week? Triple Meh. Pick Warriors.

Champions Bracket:

Topes vs SPV– First Semi-Final matchup for Jimmy. Having Demarius underperform could loom huge here. Alex Simth is so vanilla it is funny. But he does have a great matchup here. Interesting duel with the Topes having Marshall and the SPV having Jeffrey. I expect this to be a high scoring game. Pick Topes.

LOD vs Phinest– Tale of 2 different outcomes on their players Thursday as Peyton didn’t meet projections and Keenen Allen exceeded them. Interestingly the Phinest didn’t want to give credit where it was due in regards to Rainey last week. Hmm. Let’s look at the timeline here: the last time Rainey was in the lineup he did terribly scoring 3 pts. Donald Brown has been in since and done reasonably well. Donald Brown was in the lineup as of very late Saturday/ early Sunday when this posted lauding Rainey’s matchup. Next thing you know, Rainey is in, and he goes off as I expected. The Phinest of course win. But as some do, they wanted to keep all the credit. Oh well, I know I have at least taught my kids better. This week? Rainey has a very tough matchup. But I am not helping set this lineup this week. Oh well. I picked the Phinest on Thursday night, but now I am leaning the other way. Your call.


Good luck.


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