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Playoff post part deux. The revenge of the playoff post. Etc etc. 1 more game for the contenders before next week’s super bowl game. This is why you lift all them weights! Or for the LOD- This is why you eat all them chicken fried steaks! Or if you are the SPV- This is why you let other people draft all your teams! Gar your league is losing interest as the season wears down as evidenced by at least 2 teams starting guys that are out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Get on top of this. Well, to recap The Phoenix Eagles went against what he has preached for years and it cost him a shot at a title. But did it cost more than that? Maybe it did. Maybe it cost all of us our faith in humanity. Maybe it cost all of us our wide eyed optimism. Maybe it cost all of us our hearts. Or maybe it didn’t. Who knows. But what The Eagles did last week made absolutely no sense on any level. Sure, benching Megatron is tough to do in any instance. But for one that has been so devout and steadfast in their beliefs in not starting any player- no matter how good they are- against his beloved Eagles last week, in a blizzard (as it was even said here in the week 14 post) that was the perfect scenario to back up what you stand for. Imagine if it was me for example. My dislike of a certain ex con QB has been well documented. I have taken the moral high ground ever since he came back and did not waiver even during his incredible 8 game stretch a few years ago. I held in there and was proven to be 100% correct about SupaFelon. But think for a minute if it were the playoffs, and for a change Vick was actually healthy, and somehow became an accurate QB. Then think how hypocritical I would have been if I would have started him in a playoff game. You guys would have skewered me. But as the apathy in this league keeps seeping in, there wasn’t as much talk about it as there should have been. Oh well. As the great Mr. Leslie Chow once opined… “Not …my…prahlem”. And yes, Nick had asked to be taken to task on this, so I did.


Losers Bracket:

Dillos vs Blitzers– Of course Eric Decker has 2 catches for 42 yards and not 4 TD’s like when he played against me. Of course. Good job by the Dillos for at the least starting a team where no one is already out. Can’t say them say for the Blitzers. Or the Pornos in the next matchup. Meh. Pick Dillos.

Atoms vs Pornos– Yep, even in my own matchup tough to get up for this. Had a ton of guys going on Thursday, None of our players even met expectations. Microcosm of 2 teams seasons folks. Double Meh. Pick Pornos.

Fifth/ Sixth place game:

Former Champ Warriors vs Former Guy that stuck to his morals and character Eagles– And another case of this league having lost it’s juice is that Gronk is in a lineup. Perhaps the Malko even reached his ACL last week? Triple Meh. Pick Warriors.

Champions Bracket:

Topes vs SPV– First Semi-Final matchup for Jimmy. Having Demarius underperform could loom huge here. Alex Simth is so vanilla it is funny. But he does have a great matchup here. Interesting duel with the Topes having Marshall and the SPV having Jeffrey. I expect this to be a high scoring game. Pick Topes.

LOD vs Phinest– Tale of 2 different outcomes on their players Thursday as Peyton didn’t meet projections and Keenen Allen exceeded them. Interestingly the Phinest didn’t want to give credit where it was due in regards to Rainey last week. Hmm. Let’s look at the timeline here: the last time Rainey was in the lineup he did terribly scoring 3 pts. Donald Brown has been in since and done reasonably well. Donald Brown was in the lineup as of very late Saturday/ early Sunday when this posted lauding Rainey’s matchup. Next thing you know, Rainey is in, and he goes off as I expected. The Phinest of course win. But as some do, they wanted to keep all the credit. Oh well, I know I have at least taught my kids better. This week? Rainey has a very tough matchup. But I am not helping set this lineup this week. Oh well. I picked the Phinest on Thursday night, but now I am leaning the other way. Your call.


Good luck.


And here we are. Playoffs.    Yes Coach Mora, playoffs. Ten teams began this season with hopes of a championship. Six remain in the hunt. This week we have only 2 games as the losers bracket does not start until next week. Let’s take a look at how the six got here.

Six seed Phinest- the last one to make it in, the Phinest got in by volume. Maxing out their allotted moves before week 13 Andrew clearly did what he had to in order to sneak in. The question here is does that put him at a disadvantage in case of injury? Possibly. Some of those moves may prove to be very good though especially the Rainey one. Since he gets the porous Bills D this week it may payoff. Great job staying on top of waiver pickups my man.

Fifth seed Warriors- the Warriors much like the Phinest could have packed it in after some early season struggles but stayed persistent and got in. (side note, both the bottom 2 seeds were outscored by the Dillos by 240 points- but he didn’t make it in. Love fantasy sports. Actually the 8th and 9th place teams both outscored them as well. OK, I’m gonna stop before I piss myself off…) So how did Dave get in? Well the Warriors won 5 out of their final 6 games. THAT kids is how to close. Dave can have coffee. (Glengarry Glen Ross quote, sorry. Actually I’m not. If you haven’t seen the movie here is what I am referencing: . And a longer version with the epic Alec Baldwin speech: . Awesome.) Ok, I went off on a tangent there. So, how will Dave fare in the playoffs? As far as his RB’s will take him.

Fourth seed Topes- unlike the Warriors, the Topes have found a bit of luck by only going .500 over the past 6 games to get in. That being said, if Bob can shore up his flex spot this could be a very dangerous team. The Topes were able to overcome the loss of the #2 pick and still could be a major factor which is a testament to playing out the season. With Stafford, Marshall, Andre, Forte, and Le’Veon this is a good, balanced team.

Third seed Eagles- The odds on favorite to win by Yahoo after the draft, the Eagles got here by overcoming adversity. Nick’s draft was so good I think they had him going like 23-1 despite there only being 16 games in the season so you figure it out. Another great closer, Nick has gone 7-2 over the past 9 this time. WOW. This is even more impressive when you figure he lost Julio, Rodgers, and his unrequited love SupaFelon Vick to injuries, Blackmon to stupidity, Gronk in the beginning of the year and Richardson to ineffectiveness. Jebus, that is pretty damn good now that I look at that again. Like the Topes another great job of playing it out kids.

Second seed LOD- the LOD  started the year going 4-1 but it’s the end of the year that is making their bye week so important. Three straight losses have the LOD limping into the postseason. The talent is there, but matchups could loom huge. As I said to him and it needs to be said to everyone. There is no reason you shouldn’t be bolstering up your team if you have a legit shot to win it all. I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say that the lack of deadline deals will play a huge role for at least 1 contender. Guys need to have more foresight.

Top seed SPV- Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy… First this needs to be said: congrats my man on the #1 seed! How did he get here? Well it helps that he got out of his own way at the draft and we just did it for him. However, with only 9 moves made all year how active has he been and how much was just the league being good guys and not screwing him over? And incidentally, not even a league wide Thank you post? Gar, this falls on you. Come on Jimmy, we handed you a gift wrapped quality squad. We hoped for something there. But, you still had to set your lineup each week and to start the season that went great going 7-1 including a decimation of yours truly in week 1. Unfortunately like the LOD Jimmy struggled at the end of the year going 3-3. We will have to see how the next 3 weeks go for the youngster. (aside from this first bye of course)

OK, let’s get to the 2 games this week then shall we?


Warriors vs Topes– I will say that I did expect both of their Thursday players to do well as they each faced bad defenses. It’s the rest that will be interesting. For the Topes will the possible snowstorm affect Stafford’s game? He has been incredible all year except for that one bad game against the Bucs. What I am most looking forward to is the Monday Night matchup. The Topes have Marshall, but Dave counters by starting McCown. Interesting. For the Warriors it could be Rice that makes or breaks him. He has been a disappointment this year to say the least. Minnesota hasn’t been great. Actually that is being too kind. They have been brutal giving up an avg of 24.58 ppg to RB’s this year. If he underperforms Dave could be out early. Pick Topes.

Eagles vs Phinest– True to his word, and his outright refusal to Malko himself, Nick is benching Megatron. Despite the fact that he may get 250/3 against the Eagles! But as it only can happen for Nick the weather is supposed to be pretty bad in Philly tomorrow so it may actually all work out. Somehow both of their respective Thursday players underwhelmed to keep it close. Awwww. Honestly I think that this one could come down to Zac Stacy for the Phinest. The Cards D is no joke as Shady McCoy found out last week. That could be trouble. Sneaky play idea? I love the pickup of Jared Cook for the Eagles. I’d play him over Nicks in the flex. The one real weakness in the Cards is at TE. Ok, pick- Eagles. I really want to see an Eagles vs LOD Semi Final. Maybe there could even be some trash talk!

Good luck guys, and wish me luck in the Waxie Dargle league that I’m in with the Dillos and Eagles. I’ve won 12 straight and averaging 130.92 ppg. With the only loss week 1. Of course I made the playoffs in the other 3 leagues I’m in but the one I want to the most is this one and it didn’t happen. Enjoy the run gang!

So this post almost didn’t happen. Admittedly the apathy in our league got me down last week. I have written and rewritten this post twice now. The first few times were kind of a downer to be honest. The short version? The Atom Bombs may be retiring at the end of the year. So that I will need to think about but for now, I will get back to post at hand.

With this being the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination I thought this article was pretty interesting. How the franchise could have been shaped differently… .

Something else that caught my eye was on the Thursday Night game. Did you realize there is a Cameron Jordan and a Jordan Cameron in the league?

Ray Lewis recently said he would pay for half of the fine on that hit on Drew Brees. Ay yo Ray, you have 6 kids with 4 different women. I know you’re not hurting financially but maybe that’s not the smartest thing to do with your cash?

Props to my man Sean McDermott. Former Eagles DC and former teammate of mine he has the Panthers D rolling. How rolling? Well they have allowed 100 yard games only once to a RB and once to a WR all year. And that was week 2. Well done my man.

Also it looks like the Ravens have found their running game D groove again. The Ray Lewis-less team has allowed only 1 rushing TD (Lacy) and 1 100 yard runner (Fred Jackson) this year. Quietly doing very well.

Neat college stat: The Florida Gators lost yesterday to Georgia… Southern. In Gainesville. WITHOUT COMPLETING A SINGLE PASS! That’s right, 0-3 passing and beat the Gators at home. WOW.

Ok, onto the picks…

LOD vs Warriors– So far so good for the Warriors as their 2 Thursday players both exceeded projections. While the LOD went 50/50. TY Hilton could struggle if Peterson is on him all game. Dez Bryant looks like he got some PR advice after his blowup as he recently bought a bunch of PS4’s for people in line with him at a Dallas Walmart. Most stunning part of this to me? DEZ BRYANT SHOPS AT WALMART.  LOTW Pick LOD

Atoms vs Blitzers– Atoms may have dodged some bullets here as the 3 Saints he had all underperformed. Had to make a last second roster move at TE with Julius Thomas being a GTD and not playing until 8:30 tonight. As always Pick Blitzers

Eagles vs Dillos– Tough luck for the Dillos or just plain fell asleep as Sproles was inactive before the game. See what I mean about your league here Gar? SMDH. Romo vs Eli could be interesting with the wind we have here in the NE. I don’t expect this one to be close. Pick Eagles

Topes vs SPV– Surprised that Jimmy is sitting CK7 against a bad Redskins D. Or am I??? Cameron needs to get back to what he was in the beginning to help Bob out. Only getting half the proj points from a worn down Tony Gonzalez sure hurts my Upset Special Pick SPV


Pornos vs Phinest– Big Bubble Bonanza! Alliteration Abounds! With both teams at 6-5 this game could loom huge. Welker’s head is an issue this week. Maybe he needs some old spice? LOVE LOVE LOVE  Zac Stacy this week. He may be the #1 RB. The Bears made Brandon Jacobs look like AP. Pick Phinest

Good luck, and good job by Malko on his post!

Week 9 already? Holy crap! With only 5 weeks left until the playoffs it’s getting real folks. Is that what the kids are still saying today? Oh well. If these are the same kids that are making Miley Cyrus a celebrity then I really don’t care. Anyways it’s bananas that we are nearing the bottom third of the season. So here we go, it’s time to see who can hold on and make a run, and who will be looking towards next year. In the spirit of the holiday I figured I’d take a close to mid season look at who on each team has been a trick or a treat. Quick interesting stat: Sept. 30th 2012. Does the LOD remember this date? He should. As a season ticket holder this was the last time that his Eagles won a football game at home. Ugh.

Also, have to agree with Joe Bryant at Football Guys. I loved the play that Stafford did to win the game against the Cowboys, but

Should there be something in place where the “spike the ball to kill the clock” signal from a QB is sort of like a punt returner calling for a fair catch? When the QB is going to spike the ball, the defense has an unwritten agreement to let them do it.

Think about it this way. What if Matt Stafford had taken the snap to spike the ball and Sean Lee had leaped over the center and hit Stafford? Or if the defensive linemen had fired out into the offensive line. It would have been a Greg Schiano like deal with everyone howling.

But faking the “spike the ball to kill the clock’ signal which puts the defense on hold and then running a play seems like an unfair advantage. Just a thought.

OK, to the picks!


LOD vs Blitzers– LOD Trick: Tough with this one as the LOD are 6-2. But I will say DeMarco Murray. A third rd pick I think he expected more out of him. Potential to be on this list at the end of the year: Dez Bryant. TO 2.0’s blowups on the sideline will only go so far. If you try try to show up your QB and coach on the sidelines, you may not get the targets like you used to. I know he is saying now that is was all positive, but body language and having the most respected player on your team (Witten) yelling back at you say otherwise. Grow up. Treat: Peyton. Easy one. Sure he has slowed down but there had to be some regression with the way he started. Blitzers trick: I’m going with Spiller. A consensus top 5-7 pick going into the year, CJ has 1 TD and less than 400 total yards. Treat: Frank Gore. Think about this- he is 1 point behind AP. (and yes I know that the Vikings have had their bye and the Niners are this week. Still impressive) I’m not getting to cute with this as it’s #1 vs #10. Pick LOD. LOTW

Warriors vs Dillos– Warriors Trick: We have our first tie! Ray Rice and MJD. In the beginning of the year I was down on MJD despite the name value. Just looked slow to me and 391 yards rushing have backed that up. Rice I do expect to get a bit better, but still for 2 very early rd picks they have really hampered the Warriors chances to Three Peat. Treat: Eddie Lacy. I won’t say much more as I can’t stand him for what he did to my ND team in the NCG. So that’s that. Dillos Trick: Doug Martin. Even before he got hurt he was waaay underperforming. Not sure whose keeper has hurt their team more to start the year Spiller or Martin? Very close second: Steven Jackson. He has yet to eclipse 100 yards rushing. And it’s week 9. And he’s a RB. Just Sayin’. Treat: Another tie! Charles despite the Dillos being upset with having to take him in the first (still confused by that) and Decker. Yep a Caucasian WR made the list and it wasn’t Welker! I just see this one being an ugly matchup so in this war of attrition- Pick Dillos. Upset Special.

SPV vs Phinest– Tough really to say that Jimmy has a trick or a treat since he didn’t make the draft. So I won’t go into it too much for him. Trick for the SPV: Larry Fitz. Treat: I will give him credit for his keeper here since he did select him. Reggie Bush. Trick for Phinest: Any RB on his squad. McFadden, Miller, Ball, Darryl Richardson. All taken in rounds 2-7. None of them have more than 75 points for the year. Treat: Waiver pickups. Keenan Allen, Marvin Jones, Kenny Stills all have improved the Phinest. Tough break for the Phinest as he finally decided to start the red hot ginger QB Dalton (see that there?) and he decided to have a really subpar game on Thursday night. But he does catch Jimmy on his toughest bye week losing the aforementioned Bush, CK7, Demaryius. That leads him to start Jonathan Stewart. Despite that,  Pick SPV .

Atoms vs Eagles– Tick for the Atoms: the top 2 WR’s drafted by this team. Bowe and Amendola. Brutal. Treat: Trades. Julius Thomas, My ND boy Michael Floyd and this guy- . Oh, also Moreno. Yessir. Trick for the Eagles: Trent Richardson. Now that I look at this you can lump him in to the underwhelming keeper lot. Would have been too easy to pile on to Nick about his unrequited SupaFelon love again here. So I won’t. Treat: Megatron. I mean seriously. How good was last week’s performance? There were 26 teams that played last week and Calvin had more yards than 16 of them! Jebus. Both defenses could be huge this week as Seattle gets the Bucs and KC gets Jeff Thule. Yahoo picked the Eagles to have the best team, how can I go against their preseason pick? You know it- pick Eagles

Game of the Week

Topes vs Pornos– Trick for the Topes: Foster. The Topes traded up to snag Arian who, when healthy is a straight beast. The issue has been him staying on the field. This week again he may not play. Treat for the Topes: LeVeon Bell acquired via trade looks to be a very solid play week to week. Pornos Trick: Brady. I hate even writing that because he is so dreamy. But Brady has really been tough to play each week. Only 2 TD passes in the past 4 games. Dude, Geno Smith has out pointed Brady so far. Treat: Caucasian WR alert again! Welker and Jordy have both been stellar for the Eye-talian team. This one could be close as well, but with Foster potentially out, and the Pornos getting Denarius vs the Eagles, I have to say- Pick Pornos.

As always good luck gang. Good W for the Irish this week as they needed a 4th down stand to overtake Navy. I always have a hard time rooting against any of the military schools as what they are there for is so much greater than football. I thank them for their service to our nation but you know I root for ND!


OK ok, This is getting to be a habit with the late posts and it’s something that I need to organize better. With kids activities during the week, work of course, then Friday night my oldest had friends over and I wound up being steady QB for 3 hours. Yesterday tried to allocate some time and what happens? CYO Basketball practice then pumpkin patch and carving until midnight. So needless to say (but I will anyways and yes, I hate that I used that expression) I was exhausted and fell asleep. Church this morning and now its noon on Sunday as I type this. Whew. Enough whining about me, me, me. So I saw this item this week about salaries between sports that I found interesting: Prince Fiedler has more guaranteed money in his contract than Brees, Brady, Rodgers, and Peyton. COMBINED. Wow. Also neat and kinda bizarre stat from Adam Schefter- Roddy White and DeMarcus Ware entered the league in the same draft class in 2005 and never missed an NFL game. Until Sunday when both players missed. Hmmm. Ok. Gotta get to the picks and yes I see the irony in posting the picks after they have to be in by Thursday night for the league pick ‘em. Which I went 4-1 in. After 5-0 last week. Awww yeah.

LOG vs Topes– How badly may have the LOG gotten Malko’d?  The 2 players he has relied on so much in the early stages Graham- is still banged up and while active will be limited. And Peyton now has 2 sprained ankles and 1 being a high ankle. Oof. Well, not much to say here as the Topes have 4 starters on bye. And he needs to get Jacobs outta there since he is out. Not getting cute here- LOTW Pick LOG

Warriors vs Blitzers– Almost made this the GOTW with the bottom 2 teams squaring off. Has to hurt on Thursday as the Panthers put up 31 and Steve Smith only gives the Warriors 5.8 points. Ouch. I think this one will be close, and the Blitzers could pull this one out with his RB’s but something tells me to Pick Warriors to bounce back.

Dillos vs Phinest- With the Dillos back and rested from vacation and looking as tan as ever can he bounce back after losing to Jimmy while the Phinest have pushed themselves up to 8th place with a win last week. I don’t think this one is too close despite the Phinest having my ginger QB starting. Pick Dillos

SPV vs Eagles– Poor Jimmy. I’m not sure if he even knows who he is playing week to week (actually he is our leagues Taco- after the character on the FX show) but if he is like most of us you usually have a grasp of your opponent. Then the Eagles swap out a player only to snag 14 points out of him! Damn! Well we are all pulling for Nick here as that will really create a logjam in the standings in the middle. Upset Special pick Eagles

Week 8 Game of the Week:

Atoms vs Pornos- The Battle for .500 supremacy! Maybe the only thing more frustrating than the scenario above with SPV is scoring the 2nd most points and losing. Yep. Happened to me last week. Now can your Atoms battle back? Well it helps to get 27.84 from your QB on Thursday! Now that I have an Irish player look out! Yes I am starting Floyd over Bowe since he is hobbled and I expect Haden to be on him. Need the fragile Amendola to step it up too. Oh well-  Pick Pornos!

OK gang, good luck and congrats on the W for the Irish! Woot!

Well, well, well. Looks like Nick was right. Good triumphed evil last week as despite being an overwhelming favorite, the LOD lost outright to the Phoenix Eagles. Was this due to a divine intervention since the LOD started Peyton against his own team that he holds season tickets for? Who is to say? And was it that same divine being that spurred the preseason picked 1 win Atoms to hand the back to back Champion Warriors their 4th straight loss? Hmm. The evidence is starting to pile up… Anyways it’s always good to see good winning out. I will skip the obvious commentary on certain QB’s here and just point out that everyone should just feel that all is right in the world when good wins. Except those that picked the evil side of course. Now, with that in mind, the same LOD team is again giving the finger to the fantasy deities by blatantly starting Dez Bryant. I know, I don’t get it either. Hopefully for his sake, Nick talks some sense into him. Now let’s get to some fun! That’s right, statistical fun!!! Let’s do a quick blind resume. This one may not be too hard, but I thought it was neat.

Player A- 61 pass attempts, 6 passing TD’s. Roughly 1 TD every 10 attempts.

Player B- 240 pass attempts, 22 TD’s. Roughly 1 TD every 11 attempts.

Looking for value in your league? Player A is Nick Foles. Player B is Peyton Manning. Interesting huh? Also neat stat about Mr. Foles. Last week he became the first QB this season to put up 20+ points against a decent TB Defense. Yes they played Geno Smith and Carson Palmer, but also Drew Brees and Tom Brady. And he put up over 30. Now I’m not saying that he is the future for the franchise, but you have to admit kid is playing pretty well.

Another fun note (well not for Nick) Joseph Fauria has more TD’s than Calvin Johnson. Yep. Speaking of odd TD stats my love for big Andre Johnson is known. But get this- he has 2 TD’s in his past 21 games. Wow.

Great job by Brandon Marshall this Thursday for getting fined $10,500. What?!  He wore green shoes to raise awareness for mental health disorders and did it knowing he would get hit with the fine. As he said “Football is my platform not my purpose. The fine is nothing compared to the conversation started and awareness raised.” Well done, and another example of good triumphing.

FYI, Baylor dropped 71 again this week. Jebus.

I know I have said before that I miss the nicknames like the “Nigerian Nightmare” but I have to give credit to Marcellus Bennett for “Black Unicorn”. Awesome. Just wait until next year when my man “Irish Chocolate” gets drafted!

Since I just realized I went 5-0 last week, let’s get to the picks!


Blitzers vs Phinest– Battle of the 2 bottom dwellers. Man, preseason darling Blitzers have really struggled to find footing all year with a disappointing season so far from keeper Spiller. Commish Gar was down on the Phinest since the draft. Not to be confused with the statement that he wants to go down on the Phinest. That is totally different. Also hampering the Blitzers has been Boldin who started off white hot but has been very quiet since then. Still not sure what Stepfan Taylor, Turbin, Ivory, and Jonathan Franklin are still doing being rostered on this team.  The flip side to this game sees the Phinest making some smart pickups in Keenan Allen and Joseph Randle. I don’t expect Randle to have staying power but for this week? Great. And All en is legit. I tried to trade for him and Andrew smartly wouldn’t budge. I expect Luck to try at least to keep pace with Peyton. Not gonna complicate this too much. Pick Phinest LOTW.

Eagles vs Pornos– Man, this Gronk will he won’t he crap has gotten soooo tiresome. That being said it could make a huge impact here as the Pornos have Brady and the Eagles have Gronk. Interesting stat- Trent Richardson has 1. ONE double digit game so far this year. And that was against Jacksonville. Surprising. Nelson may get Haden covering him so Rodgers may look elsewhere. Of course you expect McCoy to do well vs the Cowboys. Really the only guy I don’t see doing well on the Eagles is CJ1K. With that said.. Pick Eagles.

Warriors vs Topes– The Warriors came into this season winning back to back titles and started off 2-0. Now with 4 straight losses things have taken a drastic turn. The Warriors still have not made any moves to try and get back in it. Is one coming? Or are the Warriors looking to secure a top pick next year already? For the Topes they got back in the win column last week. Some tough matchups for the Topes with Foster and Andre getting the #1 D in KC. Plus Marshall and Forte with the Bears. The Warriors meanwhile need to awaken some underperforming former studs. Ray Rice, Jennings, DeAngelo Williams would all be putting up huge numbers if we were using 2008-2011 stats. Lacy and Foles should do well, but will that be enough? Pick Topes.

Atoms vs LOG-The Atoms made yet another trade! And to think, in the beginning of the year the LOD/LOG could have had Moreno for Golden Tate solely because I wanted my ND guy on my team. Haha. Oh well Gar! Trades are funny that way. Sometimes you need to take a shot. So for the team of evil we all know Peyton will come close to 50 this week. Will Dez do well despite the looming threat of getting Malko’d??? Interesting that both teams have staring Chargers RB’s. I like how Yahoo has Cam as the experts #1 ranked QB, yet Peyton is projected by them to have more points. Huh? Oh well, youse know what to do… Pick LOG.

Game of the Week

Dillos vs SPV– Will the Dillos get Malko’d with Romo? Side note, this is the second straight week with one of our league managers out of the country. Clearly I am doing something wrong here. But enjoy the break for both the Dillos and Mrs Dillos in Jamaica. Speaking of underperforming keepers (like that Spiller call back?!) sheesh Doug Martin! Dude, you couldn’t go off against the Eagles?! The Dillos have been riding Jamaal Charles all year and I expect greatness again this week. On the SPV side we could have a double Malko’d situation with Terence Trent D’Williams here. (does that mean they cancel each other out? Hmmm…) Oh well, the Dillos will be whacking rum all weekend and not worrying about his team. For that reason-  Pick SPV.

And yes, it was ugly, but man I love seeing ND beat freaking USC. GO IRISH!! And Good luck.

Sorry gang, laptop power issues so I have to do this on the iphone. Love my phone, but not ideal. So a few random thoughts before diving into it. First, Cincinnati has gone 19 straight games w/o allowing a 300 yard passer. And they get Thad Lewis this week. Make it 20 straight. I know he is on the waiver wire in our league, and he may be in yours too but I kind of like Chad Henne this week. Kind of the bizarro version of the Bengals, in each game so far this year the Broncos have allowed a 300 yard QB. With Blackmon and Shorts I think he does it again. Atlanta signed WR Brian Robieske this week. How in the world were they able to find him??? Well his dad is the Falcons WR Coach soooo… Yay nepotism!!


Atoms vs Warriors– I expect Pryor to do well on the ground, but the Atoms KC D has been very good so far. Some last minute jockeying with the lineup as the Atoms WR carousel has begun! Hopefully Cam lights it up w/o going to Steve Smith. Just sayin’. Interesting side note- Kicker Prater is consistently projected at 3-4 ppg. Even though he averages 11.6/game.  Also he is on pace for the single season record for points by a kicker. So, maybe start upping that projection? As it is every week… Pick Warriors

Dillos vs Blitzers- Ok, so Bennett didn’t score vs the giants but he did get 9.2 so that is good! Let’s not get too cute here, Pick Dillos.

Topes vs Phinest– Sheesh it’s tough when you go into Sunday down 37.80! Looks like Andre Johnson is a go. But I still have my man crush on Torrey Smith. Risky starting NE D vs the Saints. OK, not getting too cute here either- Pick Topes big.

SPV vs Pornos– Gotta love DeMarious Thomas this week. Not only does he get Jax, but you just know Peyton is going to feed him the ball after he didn’t do too much last week despite the Broncos putting up 51. However the Pornos counter with Welker so that could be interesting. Like Antonio Brown since Cromartie is out. Pick SPV

LOD vs Eagles Game of the Week!!!- For the Eagles some good news bad news as Gronk is still not playing but Megatron is. I do like Blackmon a lot here. Look, not a ton of analysis here. There is a reason Gar’s team is at the top of the standings. That being said- This is easily the most hyped game so far this year. On one hand you have the LOD who, at 4-1 wants nothing more than to beat down the Eagles. However as told by the Eagles he has sold his soul for the title and been cursed due to this. How can you root for Darth Vader? Or any other character that is a bastion of all things evil? Rumor has it, all the players on the LOD are ashamed to go out in public as they are being taunted just for being affiliated with such an eeeeevil team. So, the choice is simple. As I said on the MB, Nick, I am all in for you, Pick Eagles, LOTW, Upset Special, Team of Destiny (for this week!).


Good luck to all (ND is on a bye so I will save the GO IRISH!)