Well, well, well. Looks like Nick was right. Good triumphed evil last week as despite being an overwhelming favorite, the LOD lost outright to the Phoenix Eagles. Was this due to a divine intervention since the LOD started Peyton against his own team that he holds season tickets for? Who is to say? And was it that same divine being that spurred the preseason picked 1 win Atoms to hand the back to back Champion Warriors their 4th straight loss? Hmm. The evidence is starting to pile up… Anyways it’s always good to see good winning out. I will skip the obvious commentary on certain QB’s here and just point out that everyone should just feel that all is right in the world when good wins. Except those that picked the evil side of course. Now, with that in mind, the same LOD team is again giving the finger to the fantasy deities by blatantly starting Dez Bryant. I know, I don’t get it either. Hopefully for his sake, Nick talks some sense into him. Now let’s get to some fun! That’s right, statistical fun!!! Let’s do a quick blind resume. This one may not be too hard, but I thought it was neat.

Player A- 61 pass attempts, 6 passing TD’s. Roughly 1 TD every 10 attempts.

Player B- 240 pass attempts, 22 TD’s. Roughly 1 TD every 11 attempts.

Looking for value in your league? Player A is Nick Foles. Player B is Peyton Manning. Interesting huh? Also neat stat about Mr. Foles. Last week he became the first QB this season to put up 20+ points against a decent TB Defense. Yes they played Geno Smith and Carson Palmer, but also Drew Brees and Tom Brady. And he put up over 30. Now I’m not saying that he is the future for the franchise, but you have to admit kid is playing pretty well.

Another fun note (well not for Nick) Joseph Fauria has more TD’s than Calvin Johnson. Yep. Speaking of odd TD stats my love for big Andre Johnson is known. But get this- he has 2 TD’s in his past 21 games. Wow.

Great job by Brandon Marshall this Thursday for getting fined $10,500. What?!  He wore green shoes to raise awareness for mental health disorders and did it knowing he would get hit with the fine. As he said “Football is my platform not my purpose. The fine is nothing compared to the conversation started and awareness raised.” Well done, and another example of good triumphing.

FYI, Baylor dropped 71 again this week. Jebus.

I know I have said before that I miss the nicknames like the “Nigerian Nightmare” but I have to give credit to Marcellus Bennett for “Black Unicorn”. Awesome. Just wait until next year when my man “Irish Chocolate” gets drafted!

Since I just realized I went 5-0 last week, let’s get to the picks!


Blitzers vs Phinest– Battle of the 2 bottom dwellers. Man, preseason darling Blitzers have really struggled to find footing all year with a disappointing season so far from keeper Spiller. Commish Gar was down on the Phinest since the draft. Not to be confused with the statement that he wants to go down on the Phinest. That is totally different. Also hampering the Blitzers has been Boldin who started off white hot but has been very quiet since then. Still not sure what Stepfan Taylor, Turbin, Ivory, and Jonathan Franklin are still doing being rostered on this team.  The flip side to this game sees the Phinest making some smart pickups in Keenan Allen and Joseph Randle. I don’t expect Randle to have staying power but for this week? Great. And All en is legit. I tried to trade for him and Andrew smartly wouldn’t budge. I expect Luck to try at least to keep pace with Peyton. Not gonna complicate this too much. Pick Phinest LOTW.

Eagles vs Pornos– Man, this Gronk will he won’t he crap has gotten soooo tiresome. That being said it could make a huge impact here as the Pornos have Brady and the Eagles have Gronk. Interesting stat- Trent Richardson has 1. ONE double digit game so far this year. And that was against Jacksonville. Surprising. Nelson may get Haden covering him so Rodgers may look elsewhere. Of course you expect McCoy to do well vs the Cowboys. Really the only guy I don’t see doing well on the Eagles is CJ1K. With that said.. Pick Eagles.

Warriors vs Topes– The Warriors came into this season winning back to back titles and started off 2-0. Now with 4 straight losses things have taken a drastic turn. The Warriors still have not made any moves to try and get back in it. Is one coming? Or are the Warriors looking to secure a top pick next year already? For the Topes they got back in the win column last week. Some tough matchups for the Topes with Foster and Andre getting the #1 D in KC. Plus Marshall and Forte with the Bears. The Warriors meanwhile need to awaken some underperforming former studs. Ray Rice, Jennings, DeAngelo Williams would all be putting up huge numbers if we were using 2008-2011 stats. Lacy and Foles should do well, but will that be enough? Pick Topes.

Atoms vs LOG-The Atoms made yet another trade! And to think, in the beginning of the year the LOD/LOG could have had Moreno for Golden Tate solely because I wanted my ND guy on my team. Haha. Oh well Gar! Trades are funny that way. Sometimes you need to take a shot. So for the team of evil we all know Peyton will come close to 50 this week. Will Dez do well despite the looming threat of getting Malko’d??? Interesting that both teams have staring Chargers RB’s. I like how Yahoo has Cam as the experts #1 ranked QB, yet Peyton is projected by them to have more points. Huh? Oh well, youse know what to do… Pick LOG.

Game of the Week

Dillos vs SPV– Will the Dillos get Malko’d with Romo? Side note, this is the second straight week with one of our league managers out of the country. Clearly I am doing something wrong here. But enjoy the break for both the Dillos and Mrs Dillos in Jamaica. Speaking of underperforming keepers (like that Spiller call back?!) sheesh Doug Martin! Dude, you couldn’t go off against the Eagles?! The Dillos have been riding Jamaal Charles all year and I expect greatness again this week. On the SPV side we could have a double Malko’d situation with Terence Trent D’Williams here. (does that mean they cancel each other out? Hmmm…) Oh well, the Dillos will be whacking rum all weekend and not worrying about his team. For that reason-  Pick SPV.

And yes, it was ugly, but man I love seeing ND beat freaking USC. GO IRISH!! And Good luck.


Sorry gang, laptop power issues so I have to do this on the iphone. Love my phone, but not ideal. So a few random thoughts before diving into it. First, Cincinnati has gone 19 straight games w/o allowing a 300 yard passer. And they get Thad Lewis this week. Make it 20 straight. I know he is on the waiver wire in our league, and he may be in yours too but I kind of like Chad Henne this week. Kind of the bizarro version of the Bengals, in each game so far this year the Broncos have allowed a 300 yard QB. With Blackmon and Shorts I think he does it again. Atlanta signed WR Brian Robieske this week. How in the world were they able to find him??? Well his dad is the Falcons WR Coach soooo… Yay nepotism!!


Atoms vs Warriors– I expect Pryor to do well on the ground, but the Atoms KC D has been very good so far. Some last minute jockeying with the lineup as the Atoms WR carousel has begun! Hopefully Cam lights it up w/o going to Steve Smith. Just sayin’. Interesting side note- Kicker Prater is consistently projected at 3-4 ppg. Even though he averages 11.6/game.  Also he is on pace for the single season record for points by a kicker. So, maybe start upping that projection? As it is every week… Pick Warriors

Dillos vs Blitzers- Ok, so Bennett didn’t score vs the giants but he did get 9.2 so that is good! Let’s not get too cute here, Pick Dillos.

Topes vs Phinest– Sheesh it’s tough when you go into Sunday down 37.80! Looks like Andre Johnson is a go. But I still have my man crush on Torrey Smith. Risky starting NE D vs the Saints. OK, not getting too cute here either- Pick Topes big.

SPV vs Pornos– Gotta love DeMarious Thomas this week. Not only does he get Jax, but you just know Peyton is going to feed him the ball after he didn’t do too much last week despite the Broncos putting up 51. However the Pornos counter with Welker so that could be interesting. Like Antonio Brown since Cromartie is out. Pick SPV

LOD vs Eagles Game of the Week!!!- For the Eagles some good news bad news as Gronk is still not playing but Megatron is. I do like Blackmon a lot here. Look, not a ton of analysis here. There is a reason Gar’s team is at the top of the standings. That being said- This is easily the most hyped game so far this year. On one hand you have the LOD who, at 4-1 wants nothing more than to beat down the Eagles. However as told by the Eagles he has sold his soul for the title and been cursed due to this. How can you root for Darth Vader? Or any other character that is a bastion of all things evil? Rumor has it, all the players on the LOD are ashamed to go out in public as they are being taunted just for being affiliated with such an eeeeevil team. So, the choice is simple. As I said on the MB, Nick, I am all in for you, Pick Eagles, LOTW, Upset Special, Team of Destiny (for this week!).


Good luck to all (ND is on a bye so I will save the GO IRISH!)

Well better late than never. I won’t make this one too long and get to the picks quickly. But I will start with some randomness. Saturday night I was texting Nick during the ND/ASU game (great win by the Irish!) – I asked if he had been seeing what RG III’s alma mater has been up to this year. First 3 games this year (albeit against sub-par competition) they scored 69, 70, and 70 points! Last night they played a decent West Virginia team and many thought they would come back down to earth. Well, as I pointed out to Nick, they put up 369 yards of offense. IN THE FIRST QUARTER!!! Ended the game scoring 73 points! Kids these are video game numbers and they are making Oregon look pedestrian. Seriously- I know I am more of a college football guy, but watch them if you can. Fun team. And nice helmets too. In 1 game, on another continent, Le’Veon Bell now has more TD’s than both CJ1K and Doug Martin. Wow. Speaking of Martin, how about this stat for his Buccaneers: Josh Freeman was just released. How bad has QB play been in Tampa? Freeman played in only 60 games and yet he is still the Bucs all time leader in completions, TD passes, and 2nd in passing yardage! Let that sink in for a minute… And Whitner changing his name to Hitner? Ugh. Awful. Not quite Ocho-Cinco or He Hate May awful, but close. In only two games this year Brian Hoyer had more wins than SB Winners Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger- combined. Incidentally terrible to see him go down last week.

Ok, back to reality. Or at least our fantasy version of it.


SPV vs Blitzers– Great, gutsy call by the Blitzers to start Spiller. He was a GTD and everyone knew the carries may be limited with Jackson playing. 12.90 points later… Keep this in mind too, he had 7 carries for 12 yards. If you take out the 54 yard TD run. Bananas. But that is what homerun type speed can do for you. Historically Brees has had trouble outdoors in Chicago but you can’t take him out. For Jimmy Lots of good matchups with Thomas, Lynch, and Reggie. But if Megatron is out, look for Bush to get keyed in on. This one may have the 2 worst Flex plays this week. Jonathan Franklin and Terrance Williams?? Ugh. Bye Week blues. Pick Jimmy.

Armadillos vs Isotopes– Tough luck for the Topes having Cameron going from Hoyer who loved him to Weeden. I think He’ll be fine for the season, but it may take a week or two. No players on either side have any Giants so they won’t be able to run up points vs Philly! The Topes have some WR issues with both Andre and Marshall banged up. Both should play, but it’s a matter of effectiveness. I like the RoadRunner (Sproles) this week a lot against the Bears. Pick Dillos.

Warriors vs Eagles– At this point I think Gronk is sitting out solely to piss Nick off. Now Megatron may not be a go? Wow. Breaking news- Calvin is OUT today!!! Could Blackmon get the start for the Phoenix Eagles? Temper expectations for the Phoenix RB’s as both CJ1K and Richardson get tough D’s. Love Rice this week for the Warriors. Not sure about Powell. I thought a lot about this. The J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS have no WR’s right now. The Falcons should be up early by a lot. Will this eliminate the running game completely? Or will they have no choice since there aren’t many options? I look for the Warriors to get back on track after dropping 2 straight. I don’t remember when the last time was that Dave lost 2 in a row, can’t fathom when it was 3 straight! Dual Upset Special/LOTW- Pick Warriors!

Atoms vs Phinest– Only projected matchup with both teams under a hundred! WOOT! Great pickup and play by the Phinest to start Blount blocking me and my injured Ridley. Also like all the RB’s for Andrew this week. Jennings and Miller should do well. Torrey Smith has been awesome so far this year. Double digit points in every game so far. Impressive. Luck vs Seattle D could be huge. For your beloved Atoms, a major question mark remains at WR. Will I start Edelman the safe play, or Amendola who will start but very iffy on how much he will play? I may decide at 12:55. Ugh. Hoping that my choice will work out. Also my dopey kicker may not play. So I have that going for me. Imagine if Tavon Austin went to a team that could figure out what to do with him?! Oh well, pick Phinest!

Game of the Week:

3-1 LOD vs 3-1 Sapornos– Well, Nick called it. Gar, you got Malko’d. That’s right, I am hereby putting that phrase into our vernacular. Similar to the il malocchio (maloik)- where that means getting the “evil eye”, the Malko is when you play a guy versus your favorite hometown team and your fantasy team pays the price. Don’t go against the fantasy Gods people! The LOD were undefeated until playing Peyton vs his hometown Philly team and Jimmy beat him. Heneforth, when this happens Nick will comment “I cuuurse yoouuuu…MALKO!!!!” I can’t wait to see the QB’s face off here. Peyton vs Brady. The Bengals secondary is banged up and getting Amendola should benefit Tom Terrific. (Pleeeeaaasseee!) Demarco and Dez get a tougher than I thought they would be Denver D. The other great thing to watch in this one is the Pornos RB tandem of McCoy and Wilson. Could be major points here. Pick, your new 1st place team- Pornos!


Good luck guys!

The art of the fantasy deal. Well, we FINALLY had another trade in our league this week and it occurred to me that it really was a great example of how a deal should be done (and be done more incidentally in this league). The Topes and Atoms consummated a deal with the Topes pulling the classic “sell high”. For those not in our league (and as always, thank you for reading if you aren’t!) the Topes had sick depth at TE with Cameron and Thomas. Your beloved Atoms on the other hand were carrying only 1 TE in Finley who is both hurt and on a bye. Sensing the obvious need, the Topes traded Thomas for a potential keeper in 3rd rd pick LeVeon Bell. Smart move. Earlier in the season the Atoms acquired stud RB and definite “legitimate businessman” Giovanni Bernard. **Another side note for league outsiders we have 2 keepers- one 3rd rd and below, and the other sixth and below** Makes sense then that the Atoms can only keep either Bell or Bernard and having traded FOR Gio, you could see where the thought process lied. So that gives the Topes solid depth at RB now with a guy he can keep if he sours on Marshall and the Atoms have a legit threat at TE which, let’s be honest, wasn’t there before. Most of us all have been playing fantasy sports long enough where you get a ton of crazy bad offers. Oh sure I’ll send you AP for Robbie Gould since my kicker has a bye… etc. But this was a great example of how a good trade that both teams win on should get done. We need to see more activity like this in the league gang, let’s step it up.

Last week- BOOM. perfect 5-0 to bring my picks to 12-3. I need to go to Vegas. Side note- Gar get your league in shape. Only 3 people are able to take 30 seconds out of their week to make picks? Falls on the Commish here.

Let’s get some picks yo… Ed. Note, I am keeping in what I wrote prior to the BS Thursday game.

Star Warriors vs Pornos– Whoa. Only .57 separates the projections in this matchup! Down on Vernon Davis since he may not play – he did play but went under proj points; Also Dave running into a real rough stretch with injuries as Rice will be a true GTD. Not sure how they are projecting Pierre Thomas to get close to 12 points against Miami. MJD also has looked slow so far this year. He has flat out owned Indy in the past, but his age may be catching up to him. Welker vs the Eagles Pass D? Yes please. Down a bit on both Victor Cruz (tough KC D) and Vincent Jackson (new QB-although he has to be better than Freeman) and he is battling injuries too. Pick Warriors.

Topes vs Blitzers– Will big Andre be able to go? Historically Thursday night games don’t produce high scores and therefore not as many fantasy points and the Blitzers have 3 going in this tilt. – OK, way off on this one as Boldin and Gore have great games. Oh well. The third was the kicker, and we all know they are irrelevant here. Gutsy call by the Blitzers to bench keeper CJ Spiller and play Mike Williams at the flex. Can the Law Firm vulture a TD from Bernard? Also keep an eye on All Day in London. Weather has been an issue in those games before. Pick, and LOTW- Topes. (you can see I made this pick prior to the Blitzers jumping out to a 41.80 lead)

Eagles vs Phinest– Unfortunately for Phoenix it looks like Gronk is out again this week. But they get a huge boost with Bradshaw inactive so Richardson should do well. Seattle’s D on the road hasn’t been nearly as good as at home. CJ1K could struggle against the Jets D which is great against the run. For the Phinest I like Luck, but if they get up early it would be worst case scenario as Richardson would get the work. Love Torrey Smith and McFadden this week. Broyles could be sneaky with Burleson out. Pick- Phinest in the Upset Special!

Atoms vs Dillos– Ok so for real, at some point Bowe has to do something right? $65 million for this?? This could be huge if Pierce is a go instead of Rice. Also the Atoms are banking on the Eagles D playing newly acquired Julius Thomas and Moreno. But the Dillos counter with Decker, so this game should be fun. Good matchups abound for the Dillos, one of these teams will get to .500, the other falls to 1-3. Pick as always- Dillos!

Game of the Week-

LOD vs SPV– Can Jimmy shock the world?! Kaepernick hasn’t been good since week 1. —and he underperformed again— Demaryius Thomas get the Eagles. Uh oh. Larry Fitzgerald is still hampered it seems plus he may be on Revis island. Sheesh, Peyton may exceed his week 1 TD total this week. Like Dez and DeMarco this week too. How will AJ Green do vs Haden? Reggie Bush says he will go, but he said that last week too. Pick- LOD.

Good luck gang, and although I do not feel confident about this week’s game, as I always say- GO IRISH!!

Good Lord, what a trade! In the NFL we rarely get blockbuster trades. Especially this early in the season. And at first glance you would have thought that Trent Richardson to the Colts was so lopsided that Dave and Tom had already filed a formal protest to Roger Goodell! Haha, I kid, I kid! But when you look at it, a new coaching regime is in Cleveland and if they didn’t see that they liked T-Rich and could get a first round pick why not move him? Especially if you can get a first for him. Crazy good value. The Browns sure aren’t going anywhere this season so build for next year. With this they will now have 2 firsts, 2 thirds, and 2 fourths for the next draft. Not bad. And the Colts needed a RB and are in a win now season. Best case scenario is they win it all and stick the Browns with the last pick in the first. Heck, they may bookend it! Now, the fantasy impact? For this week I’m not big on Richardson or McGahee. Trent will have joined the team today (Thursday) and the main question is how up to par will he be with the plays and protection schemes to make an impact against the Niners D. Kinda shaky. And it relegates Ahmad Bradshaw to handcuff status. Sucks for him. Long term though I like it for the Colts too. Luck, Richardson and Hilton all get to develop together. And I like what Irsay did even if it doesn’t work. He saw a need, and went after who he thought was the best for that. Tough to argue with that you know?


Starting out the season on league Pick em hot at 7-3. Keep in mind that I am really 9-1 since I always pick against myself here but on myself on the site. So for the Atom Bombs I take a 9-1 record baby!

Gametime gang, LEGGOOO!!!!

Pornos vs Phinest– I think that both QB’s (Brady and Luck) underperform by a bit this week. The flipside is I love both Defenses. Minnesota should do amazing going up against the depleted Browns. And the Pats get the Bucs who are rapidly imploding. If Reggie Bush is out, I love Joique Bell this week. Cruz could be interesting. Although he is hobbled so is the Panthers secondary. Can Eddie Royal keep up this resurgence?  Pick Phinest in the Upset special!

Eagles vs Dillos – Making things just a tad harder for DeSean this week is that Flowers is active. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles this matchup. I was gonna go all bananas about Jamaal Charles getting ready to shred the Eagles D, but in the first 2 weeks they allowed 45 yards and a TD to Morris, and 73 yards to Mathews. Actually not awful. Of course every QB is torching them so the running game hasn’t been utilized as much. Last week Nick had 2 players amazingly outscore his entire opponent. This week he may need Megatron to be that guy. Pick Dillos, double upset special!

Topes vs Vikings– For the Fighting Jimmy’s keep an eye on Fitzgerald as he has not practiced fully yet this week. Reggie Bush too may not play but says he is 50-50. Like I mentioned with Joique Bell above love the matchup whomever gets the ball.  And of course Marshawn gets the Jags so that is good for him. For the Topes, you have to love Stafford getting the horrific Redskins D.  A sneaky bench player that could be good this week? TE Cameron. The Vikings have given up 3 TD’s to TE’s in the first 2 weeks. Just sayin. Bob could be in some trouble with his WR’s this week as Andre had a concussion last week (expected to play), James Jones apparently is invisible, and now Marshall has tweaked his back. Add in Foster’s limited touches and I have to say… in a low scoring affair Pick SPV.

Atoms vs Blitzers– Actually kind of like Newton this week. Gotta love my Bowe vs the Eagles and Edelman has been great with Amendoula out. I mean really, anytime you can sub in a Caucasian WR for an injured Caucasian WR you gotta do it right?! Now that my boy, the Eye-Talian Stallion Giovani Bernard is off and running, the Atoms may be taking off! For the Blitzers, Like Boldin to bounce back. Peterson is Peterson so not much to say there. Spiller is a great talent, but the Jets run D has actually been pretty good to start the year. I wouldn’t be shocked if he went under the 14 points. As always, Pick Blitzers!

Game of the Week

The only tilt of 2 undefeated teams. 2 will enter, 1 will survive… Insert other cliché here please Chalk…

LOD vs Warriors Wow Gar, talk about lucking out here. Dave has made it abundantly clear how he has run rough-shod over most of the league but now may limp into this matchup without MJD, Lacy, and Ray Rice. Tough being down your top 3 RB’s. Peyton cooled off a tad, but now gets the Raiders. The only thing that may limit him is if they are up too much too soon. Next up for him? The Eagles. In all honesty I love damn near every matchup that the LOD has! AJ Green, Dez, DeMarco, all of them. Don’t worry Dave, this week should be a bump in the road, but the LOD is the LOTW again!


OK, it’s 8pm, gotta get this filed. Good luck and GO IRISH!!

Now that the dust has settled on week 1 (and apologies first- this is going to be an abbreviated post) we can get rolling on week 2. I have stopped licking my wounds after the beat down by Jimmy- who oddly found himself in the same position as last year. Let’s hope that week 1 isn’t the lone win for you this year. To be honest I don’t mind the blowouts. It’s the ones where you barely lose because of a dopey play or a bench player that you pulled at the last second that I hold on to. Truth be told (and this will NOT shock anyone that reads this!) I hold grudges with that stuff. Example? Sure! In 2009 I was in a league Title game with a good amount of let’s say Gummy Bears on the line. So there we are in week 16. My opponent had been riding CJ2k all year and he had him going on the Thursday night game that week against the Chargers. Oh, it was Christmas Day too. Let’s not omit that. Johnson had been having a good game despite the Titans getting blown out having just over 100 yards rushing late in the 4th quarter. Chargers were up 42-10 so you figure they will be throwing to try and make it respectable. What happens? You guessed it. Handoff to the RB Johnson for a 30 yard TD run. Giving him not only the TD points but also the 125+ yard rushing bonus. I lost the finals by 2 points. The grudge that I hold??? Effing Antonio Cromartie slapping Johnson on the ass instead of doing his job and I don’t know…tackling him?! To this day I have not had the defense that Cromartie is on. And I never will. Bastard. The reason that I mention this is that it is heartbreaking to lose that way as opposed to getting your ass handed to you. Last year I lost by less than a single point because of a stupid INT by a crappy QB in a meaningless situation. But those things happen in fantasy. Just have to start anew the next week! OK, I vented enough and the early game is about to start…

OK, started off pretty well winning both the Upset Special and LOTW!

Pornos vs Dillos- Brady has Edelman this week and… well… no one else to throw to. But it is super dreamy Brady so if anyone can do well there it’s him. I think the WR matchups here are pretty even, but with the Pornos having McCoy (31 carries last week? Chip better switch that up) and the Dillos have a banged up Charles. I’m going to go with a rare back to back week Upset special pick of the Pornos!

LOD vs Phinest- Gar going with the Nick mantra and benching a guy going against his hometeam? I think this one comes down to if Lamar Miller can bounceback at all. 10 carries for 3 yards? That’s 3 yards more than Andrew himself ran for last week! His performance was so bad I don’t know how he wasn’t on my team! Ok, so with Haden on Torrey Smith I am making the LOD the LOTW! BTW Peyton is on pace for 112 TD’s. That may go up after he faces Philly in Denver. Just sayin’.

Eagles vs Blitzers- As bad as my week was (and it was horrific make no mistake) I have to think that Nick’s squad was severely overlooked. Predicted to almost run the table by Yahoo, the eagles stumbled out of the gate in Week 1. Megatron, CJ1K, and Trent Richardson combined for about 20 points. Tough my man, but they’ll get better. I still say the sneaky play is to get Vick in now. Watching that Monday night game only reaffirms that he can’t last long. In the only battle of 2 winless teams, I will give the edge to the Phoenix Eagles!

Warriors vs SPV- Will Jimmy get humbled after posting the highest score in week 1? Amazingly the 2 time defending champs are underdogs this week to last year’s 1 win team. Interesting. I think CK7 struggles a bit this week as does Lynch again. Just tough matchups. I like Antonio Brown, and man did MJD look slow last week! But I have to pick and that pick is the Warriors!

Atoms vs Topes- Civil War 257! OK so my team was the equivalent of roadkill last week. Tough to win when barely anyone shows up. The quest for the #1 pick is on! Bowe needs to bounce back, and Ridley really lucked out with Vereen getting hurt. Love Andre this week- he always kills the Titans. Gutsy call with RG III over Stafford. If he runs it could payoff bigtime. Good, smart pickup of Cameron for the Topes too. As always pick Topes!

Good luck guys… GO IRISH!!!

Atom Bombs Week 1 2013- Post Draft/Week 1 Edition!

  So here we are. Another fantasy year is beginning. First, an apology. I took a hiatus from this (and to be honest was debating even doing it this year) due to an insane work schedule. And a sincere thank you to those that emailed and gave me shit about possibly not doing it. It meant a lot. So I am back, and hopefully will make this better than ever. So enough with the whiney crap, let’s get to the more self-indulgent crap that the Atom Bombs in known for!!

  Quick aside- what was the most important thing that happened in the offseason? SHARKNADO!!! I love Shark Week, and since it always comes up right before draft time it tends to signify the start of Fantasy Football Season to me. I know that it was on a different channel and not affiliated with it but still. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it. Speaking of Shark Week, they had a talk show on after the specials and guess who was the social media correspondent? None other than Taryn Southern! Long time readers remember that I am a huge fan of hers going back to the Project MySpace series. Yep, I was one of the 5 that regularly watched it- and loved it! So I just had to include that nugget of joy. And since I am referencing her, here is my favorite youtube video that she did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIyeNRbbKBw

Awesome. Ok, back to what you may or may not have come here for!

   Draft Recap. As our draft this year was uncharacteristically early, a lot of craziness has ensued. The Topes lost their starting TE and their #2 overall pick had padded practice maybe twice so far this year. Just to keep things in the family, Le’Veon Bell has been more cracked than the Liberty Bell. Oof, sorry, must still be in preseason mode here.  The main other shocker was how well we all drafted for Jimmy. That’s right, no Michael Bush with his first pick, nor did he tank the entirety of his draft. On behalf of all of us- you’re welcome. That being said, you will have to be a mime all year since you didn’t draft anyone! Best thing you can do is to study how we drafted for you and learn from it. You’ll get there my man. Now, on to the picks, and the fun!

  Also for the beginning of the year, I will list the key make or break player for each squad.


Blitzers vs Sapornos– MOB player for the Blitzers: EJ Manuel. Yeah yeah, I know he isn’t on his team but his development will be crucial to the success of Spiller. If he struggles I expect defenses to load up on the line and limit his yardage. MOB for the Pornos: the WR Corps. Whether it is injuries early with Nelson and Cruz, or QB ineffectiveness with V Jax, Tony’s RB’s much like the Blitzers should be strong enough to carry him, but for how long? For the matchup Dereck is going all in on the Saints passing game starting Brees (obv) along with BOTH New Orleans WR’s. Risky move my friend. It can work when they are Bruce and Holt, Jones and White, etc. But it is a chance that both will go off in the same game. On Tony’s side, we have the aforementioned WR issues, but good matchups aside from Gates getting the Texans D. I like that for the first game of the year we get both opposing fantasy defenses in this game. Looks like a close one, and while I think that the Blitzers will shock the world and make the playoffs, I am going with the Pornos in the first Upset Special of the year!

LOD vs Dillos– MOB player for the LOD: DeMarco Murray. Health and a shitty O line are the main hindrances here, not talent. But with the glass Ryan Matthews as the only quality RB on the bench a lack of depth here could spell… wait for it… Doom. See what I did there? Legion of Doom. Then spelling out Doom. Priceless. MOB for the Dillos: the TE position. Loading up at RB in the early stages of the draft left Tom with Ertz and Olsen. Not a bad move benching Olsen vs the tough Seattle D this week, but this may catch up later on. In this game a few things jump out at me. Again the defenses could be crucial here. The Dillos get a great matchup with the Bucs facing a Geno Smith led Jets team. While the LOD has the vaunted Niners D getting Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Hmmm. For the Dillos you also have to love Roddy and S Jax getting the abysmal Saints D. Romo historically does well against the Giants (especially early when there is less pressure) and this benefits the LOD with Bryant and Murray. Also benefitting Gar is the fact that he has 2 Redskins going against an anemic Eagles D that seems to have allergic reactions to tackling. Advantage Garcon and Alf. I honestly see this one being close also and wouldn’t be surprised no matter who gets the W. But I am going with the LOD in week 1.

Topes vs Eagles– MOB for the Topes: double sized with Foster and Marshall. Now that I see that it looks like a buddy cop show title. “This week on Foster and Marshall the boys investigate a bank robbery by not playing by the rules…” OK, that one even had me laughing! Anyways, with Foster’s balky back (alliteration alert!) and Marshall’s hip/ mental instability Bob could find it tough sledding if he loses one or both. MOB for the Eagles: Gronk. If he gets 12-13 games out of him, the title should be his. For the game, the Topes have a tasty matchup with RG III going against the Eaglets. That was not a typo FYI. Also if Foster is healthy both he and Big Andre my get a Bolts D without SuperStar MLB Te’o. (Had to do it) On the Eagles side Julio gets the Saints. Wow. And I will assume that he takes Gronk out for Rudy since he isn’t playing this week. One other thing I would do if I were him? Probably play Vick over Rodgers. Ballsy, yes. But considering SupaFelon can’t last the year why not maximize his point potential early? Just throwing that out there. Of course I wouldn’t do it myself, just saying I would if I had as many wet dreams about #7 as Nick does. Only real weak spot in Phoenix’ lineup may be Nicks. Bob may get lucky if Rodgers can throw everything to Jones. (or Finley since I have him- just sayin’) My pick— Phoenix.

SPV vs Atoms– Huuuge revenge game for SPV as I am sure that he hasn’t forgotten he was the victim of the only 100+ point beatdown in league history last year. (104.14 to be exact). This is mainly because I keep bringing it up. MOB for the SPV: CK7. Had to keep the acronym thing going. We drafted a very good squad for Jimmy. Kaepernick though is the key. With weaknesses in the Niners receiving corps he may have to rely on his legs. MOB for the Atoms: Amendoula. If he can come close to Welker-like production with Super Dreamy Brady throwing him the ball the Atoms may shock Yahoo! Jimmy has some decent matchups with Old Man Gonzalez getting the Saints, and Lynch getting my boy’s Panthers. Fitz should do well against a slightly revamped Rams D now that he has a better QB situation. On the Atoms side of the ball, Cam could struggle against the Seahawks but at least Ridley and Amendoula get the Bills. Not 100% sure if I will play Finley or Sudfield yet at TE as that will be a GTD. Pick, as always, SPV!

Two Time Defending Champ Warriors vs Phinest– Have to end the picks with the Champ! MOB for the Warriors: MJD. Which one will Dave get this year? He is banking a lot on him proving the detractors wrong. MOB for the Phinest: Daryl Richardson. Maybe not for this year, but as keeper potential he could be huge. On paper this looks to be the most unbalanced game of the week. Rice gets a Broncos defense without Von or Elvis. And Matty Ice gets the Saints. The only real question for Dave is how will his Pantherific Duo of Steve Smith and DeAngelo do vs the Seahawks. As for Andrew, I love his Pats D vs the Bills. Can Torrey Smith or Cecil Shorts step up to a #1 role? Not sure this week as the Warriors are the LOTW!

Good luck this year gang! And as always… GO IRISH!!! (It’s Michigan Week, I am especially ornery.)